Sunday, 20 April 2014

Chuckle-Bits Radio: Easter Special

Hey gang, I know you're busy putting the chocolate in your mouths with your grandad and coming back from church where you did a little prayer, but get this, I along with convicted Vimto abuser Stevie Grant have put together a super special easter special of Chuckle-Bits Radio! And guess what? We did it for Jesus!

Chuckle-Bits Radio: Easter Special (Direct Download)

A note from Stevie Grant:

I just realised Michael has let me write something on his blog, meaning I can put anything I want here and it will look like he supports it. So I guess he supports the murder of puppies, stealing the ear bud bits off of headphones, throwing up at the tills in Tesco, pinching someone's ear then running away, switching around the number on the local library's keyboards, and stealing water bottles from children at the zoo. Also he probably doesn't like Nandos. 

Oh yeah I forgot why I was writing this note. We did a Rezzed episode as well which is all well and cool. Check it out! 

Friday, 18 April 2014

Chuckle-Bits Radio: One Week On

This time last week convicted arsonist Stevie Grant and I unleashed a sneak-peek episode of our new podcast Chuckle-Bits Radio. Go have a listen -- there's a slim possibility you'll find it entertaining.

So how did it go? How was it received? Will there be more and where can you find it?

As far as I was concerned, I'd be happy with the performance of the Chuckle-Bits Radio Rezzed Special if only two people listen to it (i.e. @SirShiggidy and @ChloeWolfieGirl). But to my surprise, many more people tuned in -- at least judging from the stats given by Stevie's Podbean and my blog. We're not doing this for fame or fortune, just for fun, and if we have a few fans to join us on the way then that's just super. So thank you very much to everyone who listened!

As for the future of the podcast -- we already have about five or six episodes recorded and edited to varying degrees. These podcasts were recorded over a period of 4-5 months and we've been sitting on them for just as long. The main reason for keeping hold of them is that we wanted to give the podcast a good home with a good host, which is something we're still working on.

Nevertheless, we're committed to getting a Chuckle-Bits Radio Episode 1 into your ear holes by the end of next week. So watch this space and keep the feedback coming!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Strategy Informer: DEX Preview & Interview

MegaWestgarth Dex Game

It's another double whammy blog post and this time it's for Czech cyberpunk indie game DEX. That's right, I've got links to a preview and an interview right here in this one blog post, both of which were written by yours truely. Now tell me-- tell me that ain't good value for money.

Jokes aside, I had a great time talking to Jan Jirkovsky of Dreadlocks at EGX Rezzed about DEX. The game smashed through hits Kickstarter goal back on December 2013 and has been on the up-and-up ever since. Jan was also kind enough to give me a very, very early build of the game which I wrote up as a preview article.

So if hand drawn, 2D cyberpunk action/RPG games are your thing, check out my DEX preview and interview through the links above.

And of course, I can't mention my visit to EGX Rezzed without brining up my Stronghold Crusader 2 interview and preview articles. I also sort of covered the event to a degree with my chum Stevie Grant, so check that out in our brand new podcast Chuckle-Bits Radio!

Friday, 11 April 2014

Chuckle-Bits Radio: Rezzed Special

You never thought it would happen, we never thought it would happen, no one thought it would happen, but mine and Stevie Grant's new podcast Chuckle-Bits Radio is finally here! Download the first sneaky-peaky episode through the link below:

Chuckle-Bits Radio Episode 0: Rezzed Special (Direct Download)

This episode is a short, one hour long, sneak peak of things to come -- a "vertical slice" if you will. Stevie and I have been recording episodes for some time, but our recent visit to EGX Rezzed 2014 prompted us to get this bad boy off our hard drives and onto the internet -- into your ears and brains.

At this point Chuckle-Bits Radio is a homeless orphan, but we hope to change that very soon. In the mean time, download and listen to Episode 0 and please, please, please let us know what you think. We need feedback to live! 

The best way to get in touch with us is via Twitter @MegaWestgarth and @TheStevieGrant.

Enjoy the show!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Strategy Informer: Stronghold Crusader 2 Preview & Interview

Stronghold Crusaders 2 MegaWestgarth

Today I bring you a double whammy of Stronghold Crusader 2 articles: a preview from the floor of EGX Rezzed and an interview with Firefly Senior Producer Paul Harris. Check out both articles through the two Strategy Informer links below:

For those who aren't in the know, Stronghold Crusader 2 is an upcoming strategy game by British indie devs Firefly Studios. The game is a follow up to strategy cult classic Stronghold Crusader, originally released in 2001. I don't have a great deal of experience with the Stronghold series -- which consists of many more games outside of the Crusader sub-series -- instead, my knowledge of Firefly's work comes solely from their underrated game Space Colony.

I had a really good time playing Stronghold Crusader 2 with Emma and described the heated match in my preview. My talk with Paul Harris was equally pleasant and although I wasn't able to ask the same nitty gritty questions a fan would, I was still able to sneak in a cheeky question about the possibility of Space Colony 2.

So go ahead, read my Stronghold Crusader 2 preview and interview articles through the links above. Also, if you're a Space Colony fan, be sure to download the free HD patch through this link.

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