Wednesday, 17 September 2014

TSSZ: Vertical Slice - Marines, or not Marines

TSSZ's favourite column has returned, and this time I talk about Sega's track record of pre-order incentives, shoddy game launches and the upcoming Alien: Isolation: Vertical Slice - Marines, or Not Marines.

Check out the excerpt below:

This didn’t stop Sega from revealing not one, but two enticing pre-order bonuses in the form of game add-ons featuring the original characters and cast from Alien – one of these add-ons being retailer exclusive.

I would argue that such additional content should be included with the game outright, but shameful DLC hijinks is a completely separate discussion. What I did find ironic about Sega’s pre-order DLC announcement, however, was that even though Sega is trying to distance Alien: Isolation from Aliens: Colonial Marines, the company’s marketing strategy for both games is almost identical.

“Trust us you idiots, this is the Alien experience you’ve been waiting for, and buying it in advance will only make it better!”

Go have a read of the article in full over at TSSZ.

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Monday, 15 September 2014

Thoughts: Self-Imposed Gaming Rituals

Have you ever wanted to start playing a videogame -- one you've been itching to play for a while -- but feel unable to do so unless you beat the game you're currently playing?

I've having that problem with Rouge Legacy -- a little indie game I was playing in the evenings while working on my novel, Soci of Metro. I wanted a game that didn't require large blocks of time to play and would be over once the first draft of my novel was done. And after watching my girlfriend play parts of it, I thought Rouge Legacy would fit the bill.

Friday, 12 September 2014

MegaWestgarth's By The Victors Episode 14

In the fourteenth episode of MegaWestgarth's By The Victors I talk about rewriting, rejection and have a special visit from the scrap man.

MegaWestgarth's By The Victors Episode 14

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MegaWestgarth's By The Victors is a solo podcast project put together by me, Michael Westgarth. It's a short, ten minute podcast on the subject of creative writing from the perspective of an unpublished creative writing author. Previous episodes can be found at the bottom of this page.
MegaWestgarth's By The Victors theme, "square and enjoy", by Goto80. Used under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 International.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Creative Writing: Rewriting is Hard

I mentioned on my Tumblr blog last week that I finished the first draft of my novel, Soci of Metro. Aside from a few failed attempts at NaNoWriMo, I've never undertaken such a large piece of creative writing, and it was certainly a huge challenge for me.

But I suspect the trials and tribulations have only begun.

Following the advice of many, many writers, I've put my 40,000 draft of Soci of Metro to one side to stew in my unconscious while I work on other projects. Interestingly, the week following the completion of the draft has been great in terms of short story writing, and I've already completed two stories which I'll be sending out to various publications soon. One of these two projects, however, has taught me an unexpected, and somewhat harrowing lesson on the art of rewriting.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Chuckle-Bits Radio: Episode 6 - Very Post Modern

The wonderful world of Chuckle-Bits Radio has returned for the enjoyment of your gooey, orange ear holes. That's right, Episode 6: Very Post Modern has finally arrived. So what are you waiting for, clickly-click the redirect link below and have a listen!

Chuckle-Bits Radio: Episode 6 - Very Post Modern (Official Site)

In this fun-filled episode Stevie Grant and I talk about Child of Eden and Rez, try to get sponsorship from Dale Lazarov, and talk about a bunch of other things that were relevant back in April. And don't worry, News at Ten and Totally Legit Fanfiction are included free of charge!

Don't forget to get in touch with Stevie and myself @TheStevieGrant and @MegaWestgarth on Twitter, and listen previous Chuckle-Bits Radio episodes via my "Published Works" page.