Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Introducing Sega MikeyDrive

Welcome. Welcome to City 17, I mean, my blog. I'm glad you're here.

“blogging” is something I've never really gotten into. I've stumbled onto many through Google searches and while I will read a few posts of whomever blog I'm viewing, I never subscribe or bookmark the blog. However, now seems to be a good time for me to start; for me to say what I feel like saying and to hope that someone may find it interesting.

My name's Michael a.k.a Sega MikeyDrive; a 22 year old unemployed graduate with a degree in human genetics who, for the last 6 months, has been living at his parents house with his lovely girlfriend while trying to “turn things around”.

Contrary to popular belief, being an unemployed isn't fun.
However, computer games are fun; and, fortunately for me, I love games. I love playing games, collecting games, talking about games and reading about all games, old and new, obscure and popular. It also helps that I have a whole bunch of games on a lot of different consoles (see below).
My current two-and-a-half-console set-up. (You could do a "Bladerunner" on this photo).

Odd controllers and Gameboy tin.
GBA, PS1, Xbox, PS2 and more..!
Small sample of my MD and SMS games.
Consoles on loan to my brother.

Unfortunately for me (and as you can probably gather from the photos), I simply do not have the space to have all my consoles and games out at once. Such is the dream.

I believe with things such as blogs it's a good idea to have a sense of perspective; even though those photos don't show all of the games I own, even attempting to talk about all those shown would take an awful long time. Therefore I'm going to try and concentrate on my first love: Sega Mega drive. Of course, if anything interesting and vaguely related to retro gaming comes up I'll probably end up destroying my blog's consistency by waffling on about it.

So with that said, thank you for stopping by, I hope to see you again.


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