Sunday, 26 December 2010

Merry Crimbo

Merry Christmas, one and all. I had a pretty good christmas this year; my brothers and I, in our maturity, have shed off the whole "expectancy" thing at christmas and simply enjoyed giving presents to each other and having a laugh in general.

That's not to say I didn't get any kick-arse presents this year...

First up is my complete Japanese copy of Sonic the Hedgehog. This was a bit of a surprise as I received this from my youngest brother whom is known for his laze with regards to getting anyone anything. Of course, I have a PAL copy of Sonic, but this is a great addition to my collection of Japanese Mega Drive games which is now at a grand count of two. As well as this, Sonic is by far my favourite childhood game series and I'll always be a big fan, so for me it's nice to have one of my favourite games presented to me from a Japanese perspective. What I mean by this is the differences in the box art and the shape of the cartridge and most importantly, the enjoyable game manual which is in full colour and has page after page of cute drawings. According the Wikipedia, the Japanese version is ever so slightly superior, with more layer of background parallax scrolling, which didn't include the clouds as well as better water effects. I only played it a bit and have so far only noticed the clouds, however, I'll probably take Wikipedia's word for it as I really don't want to sit down and do an in depth comparison of the games...

From my parents I received, among other things, Jungle Strike and Urban Strike for the Mega Drive as well as After Burner for the Master System. I'm always pleased with games and now I have all "Strike" games up to and including Soviet Strike. Well, my copy of Desert Strike is broken and needs to be repaired. Somehow.

And lastly, my lovely girlfriend, whom always comes through for me surprised me with two presents. I was pretty certain that she had gotten me a physical copy of both Metroid Metal's Varia Suite album and Expansion Pack EP. This she had done, and I'm extremely grateful. The 2 CD pack is professionally produced with nice cover art and really cool looking CDs; it also came with a cute Metroid sticker. If you've not heard of Metroid Metal it's a concept originally dreamt up by a dude named Stemage and, in essence, is a group of fans who play metal renditions of popular Metroid themes. It's really good quality stuff that I've enjoyed for a long while now and if you're a fan of the game's soundtracks, and have a general interest in instrumental metal, check out their website as the majority of the songs are available for free.

The other gift I received from my girlfriend was Puggsy on the Mega CD. Another great surprise as I'm usually pretty good at reading her and guessing what I'm going to get, but not with this. Puggsy was one of the first four games my family had when we got our Mega Drive all those years ago, and therefore I've played it quite thoroughly, but with more bosses, levels, and FMVs, my new Mega CD version of Puggsy is the perfect excuse to play through it again. It's complete with the box and manual and I'm a bit shocked as to how big and clunky it is, considering it's simply a game on a CD; it's still cool though. I've never held such a box until yesterday, and the only other Mega CD games I have are in double jewel cases. I suppose it needs a big box to contain all the "Mega".

So, that's that for presents. This isn't to say that I didn't get anything else. I got an awesome Back to the Future coaster, a Clone Wars version of Battle Ships, some nice pyjamas and much, much more! And I'm genuinely grateful for all of it. So, that's another crimbo over and I can spend a bit again (I'd promised myself to cut down my spending on the run up to christmas). There's a few bits and bobs I'm looking forward to doing, especially repairing my Game Gear and going to my local record shop's half price sale. Yipee!


  1. FOund your blog through your GF's spritestitch. Megadrive was epic, I loved Sonic, Phantasy star IV and Shiningforce :D

  2. @Belore

    I'm getting quite a few views through her cross-stitching blog and forum activities. She must be pretty good at it!

    And I agree, the Mega Drive is my favourite console, mostly because I have so many fond memories of playing it with my three brothers as a child. Regrettably I don't have a single RPG for it; the only one I remember playing is Landstalker. Unfortunately, those kinds of games fetch high prices now-a-days.


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