Thursday, 14 April 2011

Humble Frozenbyte Bundle

That's right, it's back; the indie-game developer-driven initiative where everyone wins. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, you should really check out the Humble Indie Bundle website.

Starting about a year ago, The Humble Indie bundle is an initiative deigned to bring awareness to, and support, independant game devlopers as well as raising money for charity. The ingenious way in which they do this is to offer bumdles of about five, DRM-free, retail, indie games for as much as you or I were willing to donate for them with that money being distributed directly to the indie developers themselves as well as the charities Child's Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation; the proportions of the donation paid to each party being decided by the donatee.

A screenshot from Shdowgrounds
Needless to say that The Humble Indie bundle have done really well, and that I've gotten a whole bunch of brilliant indie games out of it, most of which can be activated on Steam. Such games include World of Goo, Braid, Gish, Revenge of the Titans and many more.

This time around, all five games avalible are have most generously been offered by indie game developers Frozenbyte and include three retail games; the popular Trine, Shadowgrounds and Shadowgrounds: Survivor. It also includes the prototype of the unfinished game, Jack Claw, as well as a pre-order of the unfinished Splot.

I've always enjoyed indie games due to both their simplicity, ingenuity and the developers passion for making a fantastic game that often, noticeably shines through; these being traits many retro gamers use when describing their favourite retro games. So if you like good, honest gaming, check out the website. You can pay as much or as little as you want, so there's nothing to lose, and you know that your money's going exactly where you want it, and where it should, be going.


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