Friday, 1 April 2011

Master System II 50Hz/60Hz Switch

After my success in installing two region switches in my PAL, model 1 Mega Drive in the winter, I've been contemplating doing the same to both my Master System II and my SNES. Unfortunately, I've no experience what-so-ever with electronics and found the Mega Drive mod the be very stressful and, quite frankly, scary despite the excellent results, therefore making me reluctant to attempt a similar mod again. 

Stare in awe of my master electronicshipmanship.

But lo and behold, I've managed to pull off the installation of a 50Hz/60Hz switch in my Sega Master System II. This mod was extremely easy, even for a novice like myself, and only took about a hour or so to complete.   For this mod I made reference to mmmonkey's guide and TheDamoMonster's video tutorial. It was a pretty botched job, however, as I wanted to finish it before my mum got back from work as she wouldn't be too happy with me soldering over her wooden kitchen table. I don't have, and can't afford the tools required to do such mods very well and had to carve a space for the switch out of the plastic casing with a kitchen knife I was heating over the oven, sand it down with an emery board, and stick the switch into place with super glue. In my haste I didn't think to figure out where to put my wiring and the switch in relation to the metal shield that goes over the top of the mother board, and can not actually put it on anymore, however this doesn't seem to affect the console in any way. In retrospect I could have made the mod a lot easier by simply permanently modding the Master System II to output in 60Hz as there's no region protection; this meaning that I wouldn't have needed a switch and the metal plate could have been reattached.

Despite these minor issues, the mod was successful and the switch works well. The reason I did this mod is because I have had my Master System for almost a year now and have about 10 decent games for it, but have never really played it. Now, since modding it, I've had a good go at quite a few of my games with most of my efforts being on Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Although the game doesn't have the bells and whistles found in it's Mega Drive counter-part, it's still a solid platformer offering a decent Sonic experience.

In addition to playing the Master System II, I've recently gotten into playing my girlfriend's Wii. I finally bought a component cable for it the other day which has resulted in me really getting into the Wii experience for the first time and so far I can honestly say it's refreshing to play good, honest Nintendo games again.


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