Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Retro Gaming Temptations

I always seem to do it. I always have a list in my mind of games I really would like to play, which I deem too expensive for me to buy e.g. Twilight Princess, Fallout 3, Mario Sunshine and more. So I end up buying a few cheap games, these being games I never really though about playing before, and then I buy a few more, and a few more, and by the end of the month I realise that the money spent on these cheap games could have easily covered the cost of a few of the games I actually wanted.

I'm sure a lot of you have been in the situation I've just described...

The first trio of games I bought a few weeks ago from Gamestation, which I actually went into to see if they had Mario Sunshine, as CEX worryingly didn't. What they did have were a few N64 games priced at 3 for £10, three of these being the classic id games Doom 64, Quake and Hexen; games I simply couldn't say no to. They're in decent condition as well, all with their boxes and manuals and I really do look forward to playing them.

The next bunch of games I bought when I visited Leeds on the weekend. Leeds is where I studied at university, and where my 3rd youngest brother is currently studying. My parents were taking my two other brothers to see him before he went on his holiday to Hong Kong and I asked if I could go with them so that I could visit my most favourite retro gaming shop, Arcadia.

Arcadia always seem to get in a lot of decent and items, nothing exceptionally exotic, but good stuff nonetheless, with all items being very fairly priced. I splashed out on a lot of games I really didn't need or want for that matter. Three of these were Mega Drive games I'd never heard of; Ex-Mutants, Risky Woods and The Immortal, as well as a an unboxed, Japanese copy of Golden Axe. I bought three loose Playstaion games that I had lost years ago, these being Overboard, Rayman and South Park. The last thing I bought was the only thing I actually needed, a N64 memory pack, as the one I have is incredibly small and the three N64 games mentioned above are all compatible with said memory pack.

As one of the many UK citizens at the mercy of the state's benefits system, I really don't get much money to play around with and, quite frankly, I wasted a good amount of it at Leeds and can't afford to spent any more on games until at least the middle of May, as I have a few birthdays coming up soon.

Let's just hope I've learnt my lesson this time.


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