Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Sonic IV: The Voyage Home

I saw this on Destructoid today, with the video coming from IGN's Youtube page.

I'm still trying to be cautious with this one and not let myself get caught up in the deadly "Sonic Cycle". Of course I'm excited, and Sega's better-late-than-never realisation that the only way they're going to sell retail Sonic games is by increasing the fan service, is perhaps a good thing. 

I liked Sonic 4, it was a solid 2D Sonic game which drew on the essence of the Mega Drive classics. I liked Sonic Colours even more, which was a stripped-down and simplistic approach to the 3D Sonic conundrum; one that was actually playable with minimal amounts of the frustration inducing, cheap deaths found in many previous 3D Sonic games.

This new game would seem to be both of these things presented side-by-side, with, perhaps, classic Sonic environments traversed both in 2D and 3D. However, I'm still finding it hard to imagine these two distinct Sonic "styles", both in terms of gameplay and visuals, merging together to be one linear experience. But, as usual, only time will tell.

It's hard to know what to think when Sega gives us a seemingly awesome glimpse of their latest attempt at satisfying their unforgiving Sonic fans.

The one thing I don't like is the name. To me the word "generations", when used in titles, always casts my mind back to the 90's and I can't help but automatically think of Star Trek The Next Generation and the film, Star Trek Generations. But, to be honest, who would be surprised if they changed the name, and added new characters and a multidimensional, time-travelling storyline which sees modern Sonic travelling back in time and teaming up with classic Sonic in order to stop Radrat, Tail's evil-but-badass, half-fox, half-rat cousin, who's been sent back in time by the US military, a la Timecop, to assassinate a young Dr. Robotnik, as this event would result in Sonic never meeting all of his wonderful friends and missing out on all of his radical, and later heart-warming adventures.

Don't lie to yourself, you can so see that happening.


  1. I quite liked Star Trek: Generations so lets hope that this game will be half decent. They've screwed up so many times with recent Sonic games, they've got to get it right eventually right?

  2. My hopes are so freaking high for this game. This could be the game I've been waiting for since Sonic CD. I still haven't tried Colors though, and I've heard fairly good things from damn near everyone who's played it.

    I didn't like Sonic 4 though because the physics felt really off to me. I just couldn't get into it because of that.

  3. @Gaming Through The Ages

    I made sure to play both Sonic 4 and Colours with a really open mind and tried not to be overly critical of them, especially avoiding making comparisons to "classic" Sonic games. Both of these games were good games in their own right, and I enjoyed them thoroughly, however I've accepted that a true Sonic & Knuckles sequel is never going to be made.

    As for Sonic CD, I seem to be the only Sonic fan with whom the game hasn't clicked with. I simply found the time travelling and exploratory nature of the game, while interesting, devalues the fast paced, momentum driven gameplay that, in my mind, defines the Mega Drive Sonic experience.


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