Thursday, 12 May 2011

Four Retro Consoles for the Price of... None.

They say nothing in life is free; a phrase which, on the most part, I would strongly agree with. But there are always exceptions to the rules. The exception to this particular rule occurred yesterday and resulted in my coming home with two Master System 2s, one Mega Drive I, one Mega Drive II and an armful of random, retro gaming peripherals; all of which were absolutely free.

There was one tiny catch to all this free retro booty.

These consoles were being given away from a pretty crappy retro game shop in the town I live in. I usually avoid said shop due to over-the-top prices for low quality items and annoying staff that seemingly know little about retro gaming. These consoles, you see, are "faulty" and were given away due to them being unsellable. They are pretty beaten up, and have no wires or controllers with them, which of course is understandable.

I'm pretty certain that I'll be able to do something with them however. The employees of the shop are morons and I doubt they've really attempted to repair these consoles properly and with the vast resources of the internet on my side i think I've got a decent chance of fixing them.

Either way, you can't argue with the price and this'll be a good project for me and will be an opportunity to improve my soldering and electronics skills.

With regards to my Twin Galaxies records, I'm still awaiting the verification of my scores. My girlfriend has entered some pretty solid M.A.M.E scores herself but has been told by a referee that there's an extensive verification queue. So waiting is the only thing we can do. Please continue to watch this space.


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