Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Time to Kill

While shopping for birthday presents over a week ago I had a lookie at my local Gamestation's usually poor selection of PS1 games and found some gems.

Admittedly, while playing bits of pretty much all of the Duke Nukem games, I've never owned one nor have I played through more than a few levels. With Forever just around the corner (fingers crossed), I thought it appropriate for me to snap these 3rd person, Playstation exclusives, Time to Kill and Land of the Babes. They're in an acceptable condition, complete with manuals, unfortunately the stickers didn't want to come off without a fight, and the games' previous owner must have been quite the smoker.

So far I've only played Time to Kill, and so far I'm enjoying it. It's a clunky, 3D game which suffers from the same kind of camera and manoeuvrability issues found in so many early 3D games. Regardless, once you get used to the limitations, the game is pretty easy to play and jetpacking around, shooting apart giant pigs and lizards never got so fun. It's like Tomb Raider but more fun, and I find that, as I was always so terrible at Tomb Raider games, playing the game is my own personal "f*** you" to Lara Croft.

Stupid whore.

To round off the 3 for £5 deal at Gamestation I picked up Millennium Soldier Expendable, the demo of which I played an awful lot of as a child. The game's an enjoyable, top-down, arcade-style shooter with big guns, explosions and hordes of invading aliens to decimate which also has 2-player co-op. As for Pandemonium!, my girlfriend picked that up at one of the many charity shops in town, the name of which escapes me. I believe her decision to buy it may have swayed by my offering her £10 if she could complete the game and show me the ending.

I'm pretty sure I'll be holding onto that £10, mind you. Pandemonium! was one of, if not the first Playstation game I ever played and, while I'm better than I was back then, I still can't finish it. It's a fantasticaly solid, yet difficult 2.5D platformer. I recall getting to a cloud level, level 18 comes to mind, with some unforgiving jumps...


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