Friday, 1 July 2011

Mystery N64 Pak Innards

In my last blog post I presented a retro gaming accessory the identity of which was unknown to me and asked you, the readers, to have a guess at what it was.

I bought the item thinking it was a Nintendo 64 memory pak, used to save with games that don't have SRAM build into the cartridges, however it's not recognised as one. After some helpful input from the fellows at Gaming Through the Ages and Retro Game On, coupled with my own internet research, I've come to the conclusion that it's is either a N64 memory or rumble pak that is simply faulty.

Therefore, I decided to open the thing up and have a look inside.

Shows the front of the board.

Shows the back of the board.

As can clearly be seen in images above, the rotary gizmo inside is conclusive evidence that it is a rumble pak, as similar parts can be seen in various vibrating controllers in other consoles. Perhaps it is also a memory pak, however I don't have experience with such things and wouldn't know what the inside of one would look like even if it were in there. I'm hoping one of you might know.

To the bins with you!
Everything seems to be intact within the pak, so I'm unsure as to why it isn't working. Also, I'm confused as to how the rumble part of the pak is powered as the official N64 required two AAA batteries.

Unfortunately, really don't have the space for my collection as it is, let alone keeping faulty items. This will regret ably end up in the bin unless anyone can shine a light on it, or actually wants it. Either way, it'd be good to get some more input, so please leave a comment.


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