Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Retro Game Purchases of Late

Just a quick post here showcasing my recent bargain-price retro gaming purchases over the last month and a half. I'm still really busy with my internship and preparing for my emigration to the Netherlands as well as other bits and bobs, however I'm still going to try my best to keep this blog active, even if the posts aren't as in depth as some of my previous favourites.

Firstly, during a chance visit to my local Gamestation I noticed that they'd emptied their PS1 games into a wire basket on the floor to make way for yet more PS3 games. However, the basket also contained a sparse selection of other random retro games.


The best of the purchases made that day were unboxed copies of Wonder Boy and Wonder Boy III which, despite some sunbleaching and massive, unremovable stickers on the back, were a steal at a mere 25p each. This, as far as I know, completes my Wonder Boy Master System collection, with my boxed copy of the Wonder Boy in Monster Land currently in storage. I also bought a complete copy of Earthworm Jim for the Mega Drive, but that is also in storage, with it being impractical for me dig it out and take a photo.


The last item purchased from Gamestation that day was a complete, however no-so-good condition, copy of Jet Set radio for the Dreamcast. At about £3.50 I found this to be a good price at the time, but after a look on eBay I "unfortunately" found new & sealed copies being sold for £5.

A trip to the St. Elizabeth Hospice just around the way from my home saw me picking up a platinum and complete copy of Loaded for £2. The game isn't in the best condition and I had to think about whether or not I wanted it for a few days as the game is on my mental "buy to keep" list and I would preferably like a decent black label copy. I ain't going to live forever, however, and just bought it anyway. The game's an excellent, top-down arcade style shooter and one of the first games released on the Playstation, so definitely check it out.

Some time ago I wrote a blog post describing the small, seaside town of Felixstowe, approximately ten miles from my home town, and the fantastic retro gaming shop there, Play N Exchange. I only spent £4 in total but walked away with Fear Effect and Sentient for the Playstation as well as a SNES joystick and a new MadCatz Playstation mouse. I've been wanting a Playststaion mouse for a little while now, but was really waiting for one to find me, so I'm really happy to get a brand new one.

That sums up all of the little bits I've bought lately. I'm obviously trying not to buy too much just because I'll be moving soon, however I just can't say no to a bargain. Do keep checking back for more posts, I'll post them up as soon as I can. Thanks for reading.


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