Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Packing Up, Moving On.

This is all that remains of my physical game collection...
Those of you who read my blog will have noticed that there has not been any activity for a few months now. Unfortunately, I had not noticed at all. This fact occurred to me a few days ago while on a stroll to my local library where I was stocking up on pre-new 52 Stormwatch, and WildStorm in general, graphic novels so that I could competently judge DC's new StormWatch reboot. The comic fans among you will probably know a lot more about DC's New 52 than I do. I posted the ever-so-catchy theme of the childhood cartoon “Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?” and worked in an ever-so-witty title to the post.

So that explains that. So what have I been so busy with these last few months? Unfortunately, less than I would have hoped.

Anyone who has been reading this blog for a little while will be aware of my ambitions to emigrate from the increasingly unstable United Kingdom to the Netherlands. My girlfriend has spent the last few months in the Netherlands with her family where she is working hard to find work. For financial reasons I'm still living in the UK with my parents, but using the internet to search for Dutch jobs as well, but with no luck so far.

Between all the cover letter writing, CV revisions and internet job searches, I've been packing all my worldly belongings away and lugging them into the loft in anticipation of either myself or my girlfriend getting a job and, in turn, acquiring accommodation. This of course includes all of my games and consoles.

Packing away my consoles was a somewhat sad affair. As I'd wrap each one up in plastic bags and bubble-wrap, I'd recall my favourite games, all the fun times, and all the little stories attached to each one while wondering how long it'll be before I get to play them again. I'd also find myself regretting the time wasted playing unsatisfying, mediocre games on newer consoles, when I could have been exploring the delights of some of my other consoles. Such unloved consoles include my Dreamcast, my SNES and my Master System. I'll make it up to you, old chums.

My current, and very much pathetic, gaming set-up.

As of now, the only consoles I have out and playable are the Xbox 360, my Nintendo DS and my fairly decent laptop. In addition to this, I only have a small selection of games out at the moment to play on. The reason I have it out is it's the only console I own, aside from my Mega CD, that I don't feel comfortable having in the loft due to the high amounts of dust and sometimes dramatic temperature changes. It also doesn't require me to have a CRT televsion out, with an official Xbox 360 VGA cable, picked up recently for £5, giving me a very good picture on a small, 4:3, flatscreen monitor I have.

The dramatic reduction of gaming options has resulted in me playing games I own but had never played, or had started and never finished. Such games include the fantastic Half-Life 2 episodes as found on The Orange Box, the horrific Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 and Halo Wars. As of now I'm finishing off a few things on Sonic Unleashed, doing a second play through of Mass Effect and am quickly getting addicted to Lumnies Live.

Unfortunately this doesn't leave me with much to do retro-wise. With only a small handful of GBA games and the Xbox 360 “SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection”, I don't actually feel as though I have much decent content with with to keep this retro gaming blog alive. But fear not Wally Watchers, I'm not dead yet and in my next post I hope to tell you about my next ambitious modding project.

Thanks for listening children!

StormWatch #2. Lets hope it's a goodun'.


  1. That sucks to hear, man. Good luck with the job search!

  2. Been hell to find a job here as well. I have a sort of "survival" job which just barely lets me pay off my student loans and other bills every month while I continue searching. I've written at least 200 cover letters and job-specific resumes to which I've heard mostly nothing back and gotten a few form rejection letters. I feel for you. Hope everything works out for the best.


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