Thursday, 1 December 2011

Winter Update

Because snow boarding almost naked is way past cool.
December is now upon us and it is most definitely Christmas time. It's hard to think that my life may become even more busy in the following few months, but it seems that that's exactly what is going to happen. Even so, an update on my current state of affairs is well, well overdue.

In short, my interview for the call centre work went well and I got the job. I realised once I had gotten the job that the company was desperate for more native British speakers and so I suggested they offer my girlfriend an opportunity similar to mine. This resulted in my girlfriend getting the same job as me, with her workstation directly opposite to my own.

The job itself is pretty shoddy, in line with all of those other things one hears with regards to work in a call centre. My job is to offer first line "technical" support for office products manufactured by a very well known, and highly respected camera development company. However, most of my day is spent guiding moronic Mac users on how to set up their printers on a wireless network. There is a lot of pressure to reach targets as well as pressure to stay and do overtime at less pay than standard. I could write an essay on all of the issues regarding my job and the company I work for, but I won't.

This new job has in fact allowed my girlfriend and I to put a deposit on a lovely flat in the middle of the town of Roermond, close to the Dutch-German border. The downside is that we cannot move into it until January 1st 2012, and I won't be able to get all of my precious gaming possessions until the end of January.

In terms of gaming, there's not much to say. Nearly all of my gaming is confined to the weekends, and only for a few  hours each day. At the moment I'm playing Mario Sunshine, which I bought prior to moving to the Netherlands. It's a game I haven't played since originally buying my Gamecube donkies years ago and it's a game I find both nostalgic and relaxing, with the vibrant colours being most welcome in this, the most dullest time of the year.

Of course, now that I have a (very) small amount of disposable income, I've been on the lookout for more games to buy. This is no easy task considering that the idea of a 'bargain' seems non existent here in the Netherlands. people seem quite happy to be ripped off on a daily basis for all things 'entertainment', with seemingly no competition between the big media shops in terms of pricing. This, combined with these shops' disgusting policy whereby they open new games and keep the discs/carts behind the counter, is forcing me to wait until my next visit to the UK, where I know I can get my games cheaper.

This doesn't mean that I haven't been spending. So far I've treated myself to three 'new' DS games, these being Sonic Colours, Lock's Quest and Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble, all for a total of €40. Sonic Colours I found to be a somewhat limp conversion of the superb Wii game. While the levels themselves are enjoyable with vibrant graphics and music, the game is far too short and far too easy. Attempts to pad the game out have been made in the form of 'Missions' whereby you're asked to defeat a certain number of enemies in a certain time limit, however these are optional, difficult, and just not fun to do. Viewtiful Joe, on the other hand, is a fantastic addition to the short but sweet Viewtiful Joe series which I very much enjoy playing while on the train to and from work. Lock's Quest I have yet to try my hand at and am saving it until I have a bit more time to get into it properly, nonetheless, I believe it was a good purchase and look forward to playing it.

As shown in my previous blog post, I have made a very special Mega Drive acquisition. I managed to obtain a game I had convinced myself I would never have the chance to own. My own personal holy grail which, when seeing, almost made me throw up. No joke.

But more about that later.

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  1. Have you tried the swap meets there yet? Dunno about Germany, but the swap meets in France were amazing! You might be able to find some great bargains.


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