Saturday, 3 March 2012

Details on Sonic prototype and recent purchases

For those interested in early beta and prototype versions of iconic retro games, listen up. Recently emerged, high-resolution scans from a Japanese magazine published around the same time as the earliest known Sonic prototype was on display at the 1990 Tokyo Toy Show, reveal some interesting new facts about the lost version. You can find out more in the recent news article I just wrote up over at Sega-Addicts.

In other news, I went to the Dutch city of Tilburg today for the first time in almost a year to finally spend some of my hard earned dosh on some fantastic new retro games in one of my favourite game shops in the world, Foregames. I walked out of the shop a happy man with a significantly lighter wallet and a carrier bag containing the following:

  • Dynamite Heady (Mega Drive) CIB
  • Greendog (Mega Drive) CIB
  • Batman (Mega Drive) CIB
  • Corporation (Mega Drive) Unboxed
  • Cosmic Spacehead (Mega Drive) Unboxed
  • Super R-Type (SNES) Unboxed
As you all know, I cannot say no to Mega Drive games and am really happy to have yet another Treasure-developed game sitting on myself. Corporation is an impressive FPS my uncle used to play, and Greendog I used to play with my uncle as a wee lad, so these were bought for nostalgic reasons, which are always the best reasons in my eyes.

My girlfriend also made some great purchases in a boxed GBA copy of Super Puzzle Fighter, an unboxed copy of Kirby's Pinball Land and pretty damn awesome Super Game Boy, which she is very happy with. Stay tuned for more news of my retro-gaming hijinks.

Gameplay footage from Dynamite Heady


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