Saturday, 24 March 2012

Mega Drive Treasure Collection

Last weekend I took photos of the Mega Drive games I bought recently which included Batman, Greendog and Dynamite Heady. I also took the opportunity to put my three Treasure-developed, Mega Drive classics side by side for a lovely group photo. These games are really the centre-piece of my Mega Drive collection, which is my strongest collection out of all of my consoles. These three games showcase the maximum capabilities of the Mega Drive across three different platformers in terms of graphics, sound and gameplay. It's safe to say that these three games are three of the best on the console, and I am proud to have them in my collection, and I'm proud to show them off too!

In case you are wondering, the copy of Gunstar Heroes I have is the Japanese version. I was tempted to buy a copy of the PAL version from a shop near where I live, but at €50 I had to think it over. Fortunately my girlfriend spotted this Japanese copy on the German eBay and I managed to nab it for a mere €20 plus €10 postage, with no competition whatsoever. As with all of the Japanese games I own, it's in superb condition and comes with a colourful manual full of luscious illustrations.

For those whom are familiar with the game, my copy of Alien Soldier is both a gift and a curse. The game was expensive. It's expensive because it's rare. However I bought it because it was genuine treasure and it sits on my bookshelf as the rarest and most valuable game I own. The problem is that the game is absolutely, unforgivably difficult. The entire game is one long boss-rush and requires pixel perfect manoeuvring and timing to get past even the first of these bosses. While you might have to crack out an emulator for this one, platforming enthusiasts across the globe are encouraged to at least try it out. Oh, and of course, skip the ridiculous story.


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