Saturday, 10 March 2012

Sega MikeyDrive fulfils life-long dream and becomes a cartoon

Forgive me for blatantly plugging all of my work over at Sega Addicts, but I put a lot of after-work hours into writing for the site. I also think that it's a fantastic site, with great staff and some well written articles that most retro-gamers would enjoy. Writing for the site also has its perks and the site's artist, Tom Kyzivat, has recently drawn a caricature of myself for use on the site. Check it out:
I absolutely love this drawing and I'm so chuffed to see how it turned out. And yes, the Sega Master System light gun was my idea. The pose is one I requested, based off the pose seen on the title screen of the Mega Drive classic, Flashback.

Work at Sega Addicts is going well and I'm really getting into the flow of finding interesting bits of Sega-related new to post up. The main hurdle is that I'm not familiar with many of the next releases that are coming out, and I still don't own many current generation hardware; especially hand-helds. There's other little things to get involved with however, and I recently contributed to this week's top-ten list of 'Sega characters that would make good fast food restaurant mascots'. My entry made it to number 2 on the list, check out the article to see which character it is.


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