Saturday, 26 May 2012

Sonic 4 Episode II: Aftermath

Sonic 4 Episode I was a big deal for me. I'm an avid Sonic fan and grew up playing the hell out of all of Sonic's Mega Drive adventures, so the announcement of a direct, 2D sequel to Sonic 3 & Knuckles had me in a state of pure ecstasy. Of course, this story has been told numerous times before, so I'll refrain from telling it again. However, the point made is that there was a large ire of excitement about when when venturing into the game because I simply assumed that Sega would try their very best to achieve what they stated they were trying to achieve; a 2D Sonic game made in the vain of the classic Mega Drive titles.

This was not the case when I approached Sonic 4 Episode II. I was more wary of being let down and made sure not to have unreal expectations this time around. Unfortunately this resulted in Episode II coming and going without leaving too much of an impression at all with a very quick summary of the game compared to Episode I simply being: It's more of the same but a bit better.

The levels are better designed both gameplay wise and aesthetically, and are a lot more original that those found in Episode I. Surprising death-pits and awkwardly placed enemies have been done away with in favour of clearly marked pits and original enemies that aren't just there to slow down the pace of the game. Speaking of which, the newly designed levels ensure that a greater sense of flow and momentum is maintained when playing this game compared to the previous instalment. This is one of my greatest compliments towards the game.

However, I don't have all that much more to say about Sonic 4: Episode II that hasn't been said already. In all honestly I have written about the game to some depth in both my 6-man joint Sega-Addicts review as well as a joint review done with EveningEmma over at Kung Pow Pixel, and I'm running out of things to say. The game is not as good as recent retail releases Sonic Colours and the fantastic Sonic Generations gameplay wise (production value can obviously be over looked) and is simply not worth the 1200MS point price tag, especially considering that 1200MS has already been spent on part 1 of this game. Sorry Sega, while this game was better than the last instalment, the nostalgia factor simply wasn't high enough this time around for me to worship this game in the way I adore Sonic Generations.


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