Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Counterfeit Gaming Purchases

One day you will be mine.

 Ah, the quest for functional, first party controllers for older consoles is one that's I've been on for many years now. The sourcing of one particular controller has been the bane of my gaming existence for several years now, and it may not be the one you would expect from a retro gaming fanatic like myself; an official, DualShock 2 Analogue controller for Sony's Playstation 2.

While there is certainly no shortage of third party controllers for any console imaginable, many of which are still being produced now, it is safe to say that in 99% of all cases a first party controller will always be superior to those produced by any other manufacturer. 'But what's even worse than having to resort to a third party controller?' I hear you cry, and the answer is simple:

Being fooled into buying a counterfeit first party controller.

Top: Fake controller, Bottom: Genuine controller

Last weekend I went to a market in the small town of Herkenbosch and saw far too many rip-off PS2 controllers. Most were easy to identify by poor packaging, different symbols on the buttons or my favourite, one that said 'MONY' in the centre. However, there was one market stall selling numerous retro gaming goodies although vastly overpriced in true Dutch fashion. Amongst his seller's goodies was a PS2 slim model as well as some new first party PS2 controllers. Jackpot!

So I left the market with a PS2 Slim, a new in box PS2 controller and a copy of Yoshi's Cookie for my girlfriend, all for €40. Steep, I know, but for a market in the deep south of the Netherlands, it wasn't too shabby. At least until I was sitting at the Herkenbosch bus stop and examining my new purchase...

Spelling mistakes on the packaging? Ill-defined text on the controller face? Dull, matte buttons? My suspicions were peaked so I ripped that sucker out  of the package right there and then. Cheap, lightweight plastic; hard, stiff, and clearly non-analogue shoulder buttons; chunky start and select buttons. This thing is fake for sure, but without a frame of reference, who could have blamed me?

Sony Compute Entertainment? Oh boy...
The controller itself works just fine, but the buttons are digital and not analogue, which is the specific reason I wanted a PS2 controller. So for that reason I think I'll just bite the bullet and buy some new sticks for my lovely, red PS2 controller shown in the picture above. But tell me, have any of your fallen pray to counterfeit gaming goods? I'd love to hear your stories so let me know in the comments section below.


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