Saturday, 16 June 2012

Sweet Dreams, Super Double Dragon

Here's a little story. About a month or so ago my younger brother came to visit me at my home in the Netherlands for the first time. In fact, he was the first of anyone I know in the UK to visit me since moving, including my family. While he was here we did various things including going to Belgium which was a first for me and for him. I  found the place to be dull and miserable, which wasn't helped by grey skies and sprinkles of rain.

That evening, however, my brother urged me to play a SNES game with him; a game that we always played once a year at my grandad's house for over ten consecutive years. A game which we would get a little better at, and a little further into, after each play. A game that I had simply given up on, even though I had become the games owner. This game was Super Double Dragon.

I never play this game on my own, without my brother, so I never play the game. He thought it would be a rare opportunity to have what may have been one final stab at the game, to lay it to rest once and for all. So we played, and we made the same mistakes we always did, throwing knives into each other mainly, but we did quite well, very well, better than ever until after a few hours, out of nowhere...

My brother on the left, me on the right, looking tired, in need of a shower and triumphant.
We completed the game and celebrated as we listened to the epic music that is played upon its completion, staring at the ending screen which finalises on the simple, yet powerful: 


This was a really special evening for me, and it is a shame that the few photos I have of that time are so poor. However, have there been any special gaming memories shared with any of your siblings? Are there any games you've come back to and beaten? Let me know in my comments section below which I have now modified to allow absolutely anyone to comment!


  1. Keep up the good job on your retro gaming website!

    1. Thank you very much. There's been a bit of a dip in the frequency of posts lately due to being busy on other things, but expect some posts very soon.


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