Sunday, 5 August 2012

Viewtiful Joe Red Hot Rumble New & Sealed, What a Nice Surprise

Last weekend I went to the Dutch town of Venlo, which acts as a portal to Germany for those who use public transport and is supposedly one of the largest towns in the Dutch Southern province of Limburg. The reason for my trip was to buy some more clothes due to myself starting a new job this week. The problem is that I hate clothes shopping, I really, really do, so my girlfriend promised that if I looked around all of the shops, then we could check out the few toys shops in the town, as these are the only sources of non-AAA current generation games.

Pickings were slim, but what I did find were 'new' copies of SSX Tricky and Viewtiful Joe Red Hot Rumble for €5 each. I says 'new' with quotation marks as game and electronic shops here in the Netherlands all have the despicable policy of ripping open new games and shelving the disc, manual and other gubbings behind the counter. Delicately removing the factory sealing from new games and getting a whaft of that delightful 'new game smell' is what distinguishes buying a new game from a used game. There's no reason in my mind why they couldn't simply have empty games on the shelves, and sealed games in a back room to give to customers. This is, and the steep prices, are the reasons why I buy all my games online from the UK.

Saying this, imagine my surprise when grumpy shopkeeper, who's text messaging I had interrupted with my undoubtedly rude custom, actually went into the back room and actually threw out a factory sealed copy of Viewtiful Joe Red Hot Rumble onto the counter. Seeing the familiar 'Nintendo ribbon' brought upon me a sudden rush of nostalgia. When was the last time I'd seen, let alone bought, a brand new GameCube game?  

Like the GameBoy Advance, I still 'feel' as though the GameCube is a relatively recent console relatively new release, even though it was in fact release over a decade ago. Seeing that sealed game however put things into perspective and made me realise that the 2000's didn't just come and go, a lot of good gaming stuff happened during that time. It's strange the roles games play in our lives, adding to our experiences and shaping our perception of life. Either way, I have a factory sealed GameCube game sitting on my shelf waiting to be delicately peeled open in just the same way I would have done a decade ago.


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