Wednesday, 19 September 2012

New Album by The OneUps: Intergalactic Continuum


Easily my favourite band of the now, and practically the background noise for all my activities indoors, videogame music cover band The OneUps have released a new album titled Intergalactic Continuum. The new album contains tracks from games old and new including Final Fantasy VII, Double Dragon and God of War II. Check out the full track listing via the album's Band Camp site where the entire album can be streamed for free.

I actually stumbled upon this band after installing Spotify on the multimedia computer I have hooked up to my telly. I hadn't used Spotify for some time, but had heard that a fair few videogame soundtracks were available to listen to on there. Naturally I tried to look for the fantastic Sonic Generations soundtrack, instead finding The OneUps' cover of Green Hill Zone. I was instantly captivated by their non-distinct musical style and the layer of originality they have added to some of videogame's most timeless musical tunes. Similar to how HatBoy has taken Pokémon and made something new from the well-worn designs, as described in my previous post, The OneUps have taken their favourite songs and made them their own. 

There are plenty of bands out there creating perfectly good covers of videogame music, but I find many of them stick too closely to the style, tempo and melodies of source material. Prior to The OneUps, the only other live band I could say has really done something unique to videogame music is Metroid Metal which is another band I urge you to have a listen to if you're a Metroid fan who is even vaguely into hard rock or metal.

As for my thoughts on Intergalactic Continuum, I will say that I'm somewhat shocked at its generally heavier tone compared to the jazzier sound heard on previous albums. At first I had thought it was due to the songs covered themselves being 'heavier' than what is heard in Super Mario Kart, an example used due to The OneUps having an entire Super Mario Kart cover album, simply titled Super Mario Kart Album. This isn't really an argument considering previously covered songs have originally featured in games spanning the breadth and width of the medium irrespective of their tone.

This isn't to say that I don't like Intergalactic Continuum, or that I am claiming it to be 'bad', as I certainly do like it, it is simply not what I was expecting. I welcome change in music and firmly believe that bands should take their music wherever they want it to go as long as it's what they feel is right, and therefore I congratulate The OneUps on the release of their new album and highly recommend you listen to what they have to offer.


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