Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Tim Burton's Pokémon by HatBoy

Here's a project I've been following for a couple of weeks now. College student Vaughn Pinpin, a.k.a. HatBoy, has been making his way through each of the original generation of Pokémon, redesigning each as if they were to appear in a Tim Burton animation. The results thus far are nothing short of stupendous. After seeing Nintendo and Game Freak use the same unvarying Pokémon designs for the last 15+ years, it's refreshing to see someone do something really original with them.

This isn't to say that fans haven't reimagined their favourite Pokémon before, as they most certainly have been doing since Pokémon's original releases, but this is the first time I've seen such a large amount of Pokémon redesigned with such a high consistency of quality and style. Most redesigns I have seen in the past have all been created for comedic effect, and while HatBoy's redesigns are humorous and exaggerated, they are also subtly disturbing; this being a blend of emotions experienced when watching many of Tim Burton's films.

So far Hatboy's made it all the way up the Pokémon number 32, Nidoran Male, and considering the speed at which he manages to put out his drawings we'll be up into the hundreds in no time at all. I'm especially looking forward to Mewtwo, a Pokémon whose original design I found a little unsettling as a child. Head over to his Tumblr account to see everything he's done so far.


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