Sunday, 28 October 2012

Whip Out Some Dosh

Yesterday I went on an aeroplane to England. The reason being that I have not been to England or seen most of my family for almost a year. Strangely enough, the country I had once found myself loathing became the centre of my attention over the last few months. I some cases you can't fully appreciate the subtleties of a country and its cultures until your remove yourself from them. I'm talking about home sickness.

My two week stay in my homeland will be useful in giving me some fresh ideas and experiences to help in my writing, a 'shuffling the deck' as it were. Talking to my game playing brothers and my game playing mother will undoubtedly throw fuel onto the roaring fire of my mind. Why, I've been here just over 24 hours and I've played several wonderful Xbox indie games such as No Luca No, Toy Stuntbike 2, and Try Not to Fart.

I'm being sarcastic of course, those games are hilariously awful.

I have however finally seen Minecraft in action, being played by a real person sitting next to me. My opinion of the game is as follows: It's almost unlimited potential is phenomenal, but I wish I had the time to play it. I've also had discussions about Bayonetta, Rock Smith, Tekken 6 and many more. I've also introduced my mum to yet another extremely accessible indie PC game, Crayon Physics Deluxe.

Of course the major source of excitement will be the possibility of acquiring some cheap, second hand goods. I've mentioned on several occasions how the Dutch culture is not one that encourages the recycling of unwanted items through selling them on and how this negatively effects my retro gaming. But, armed with a tight, and embarrassingly small budget of £45, I'm going to venture tentatively through the many charity shops of the towns I find myself in looking for retro goodies.

English charity shops have been very good to me in the past and £45 can go a long, long way. Add together the cheap prices of games in actual game shops like Gamestation (assuming it's still there) and CEX, then I'll likely return back to the Netherlands with a stack of game for less than the price of one at retail price.

Whatever the case, I'll take photos of anything I buy here to share with you all, as well as photos of whatever else I happen to get up to.


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