Tuesday, 4 December 2012

EveningEmma: Of Pixels and Stitches

The following post has been written with regards to a video game handicraft article written by my girlfriend Emma Lenton and published on Nintendo Life. The article titled 'Of Pixels and Stitches' can be read here.

Regular readers will have undoubtedly noticed that I haven't been buying as many retro gaming items as I have done in the past. Although this is because of financial reasons, many of you have also probably realised that I have been putting all of my time and energy into chasing my dream of becoming a freelance video game journalist.

At the same time my girlfriend, known online as EveningEmma, is also chasing her dream of making living in the world of video game handicrafts. I tend not to focus on her work in my blog, but right now I could really do with some help from my readers.

Emma has been working with popular website Nintendo Life to try and start a series of features written by her which will focus on the best video game handicrafts made by crafters around the world. The  first of these articles, 'Of Pixels and Stitches', has been published today and acts as an introduction to video game handicrafts, shows the breadth and depth of what is possible, and offers some helpful tips on how to get started.

This article acts as a 'pilot', and depending on the popularity of the article, more may be written by Emma in the future. This is not only a fantastic opportunity for her to show the gaming world the wonders of handicrafts, but will put her one large step closer to her goal of doing such work as a living. In addition to this, it may lead to both of us being in a situation of financial stability, which we are unfortunately not in at this moment in time.

So, if you are interested in video games in any way shape or form, I kindly ask that you read 'Of Pixels and Stitches' over at Nintendo Life. We hope you enjoy it, and thanks in advance.


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