Thursday, 13 December 2012

Interview: Martijn Wenting of Revival Studios

Edit: Martijn Wenting asked me to take down the photo header for the original post, which I have replaced with the Astrododge trailer above - Michael Westgarth, 27/5/2014

Astrododge is a new game for the Japanese exclusive Sega SG-1000 and is the first physical release for this console in approximately 30 years. I recently caught up with Martijn Wenting of Revival Studios, the one-man-band behind the ambitious project in an interview recently published on Sega Addicts. In it he reveals his inspiration for the game, the troubles he faced in producing physical copies and his love for all things good and retro. Check out the interview in full here and click on through to read more about my meeting with Mr. Wenting.

I had the pleasure of meeting Martijn back in September when I visited the fantastic Retro Beurs Deurne. He's a really friendly guy who has been in the videogame development business as long as he can remember, and way before I was even born

Focusing on old 8-bit computers and gaming's first few generations of consoles, his physical releases have appeared on the Atari 2600, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Vetrex, Videopac (a.k.a. Odyssey2 in the US) and of course the SG-1000 and the home computer version, the SC-3000.

Personally I haven't much experience with these consoles simply because they hold little nostalgic value to me so I don't actively seek to add these consoles and games to my collection. This being said, I won't pass these kinds of trinkets up given the opportunity, for example this stash of Philips Videopac games I bought for cheap at a flea market outside of the Dutch town of Reuver.

Matijn's releases do have me wishing I had more of a connection with these older machines, as each is infused with the kind of passion I have towards my favourite consoles. Check out the trailer for Astrododge above and you'll see what I mean. The game works on the aforementioned Sega SG-1000, SC-3000 , SG-1000 Mk. II and the Sega Mark III which I managed to catch a glimpse of during my time in Amsterdam. If you're lucky enough to own any one of these three gaming machines then head over to Revival Studios to reserve your copy, but be aware that there's a limited initial run of 50 copies available.


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