Sunday, 16 December 2012

Welcome to MegaWestgarth

After some consideration I decided that it was time for me to shake things up a bit on my blog, changing its name and URL from Sega MikeyDrive to MegaWestgarth. Those who access Sega MikeyDrive via the old URL will in fact be taken to a newly created place holder blog that does nothing more than divert traffic back here. This is exactly the same blog, with the same content remaining completely intact, just with a new look, a new name and a new direction.

I originally started this blog back in December of 2010 in the winter following my graduation from the University of Leeds with my BSc. It was my graduation that marked the start of what would be a 15 month long struggle with unemployment, stress induced anxiety and depression and an overwhelming feeling of isolation. The blog was an answer too all of those things and was my attempt at chronicling my ongoing love of retro gaming, especially Sega and their Mega Drive, in the hope that someone out there on the world wide web would be interested.

Fast forward to now, two years later, and I find myself with a budding career in video game journalism and freelance writing, a voluntary position as News Editor at Sega Addicts, and my trusty blog which has seen a tremendous increase in traffic over the last few months.

As the content I've found myself posting has broadened beyond Sega and retro gaming, and as I push forward with my career, I felt it best to drop 'Sega' from the name of the blog and go for something featuring my last name so as to strengthen my 'brand'.

MegaWestgarth will now focus on gaming as a whole, both retro and modern, games I've played and games I haven't, trending topics and things you may not have heard about. I'll still post about the games that I buy, but I'll also be providing commentary on the many weird and wonderful things that happen daily in the world of videogames and videogame journalism.

So update your bookmarks, your RSS feeds and all that other stuff. Also, if you haven't already added me on Twitter you can find me @MegaWestgarth. Stay a while and listen!


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