Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Cheap 6th Generation Game Purchases

Christmas and the Mayan apocalypse have both come and gone and I'm still sitting here in England, once again visiting my family and keeping an eye out for cheap game purchases.

However, before I left my home in Roermond, The Netherlands, I stumbled upon some cheap 6th generation game purchases from our one and only video game shop, Game Mania. I usually avoid Game Mania due to inconsistent and generally inflated prices compared to online prices, flea markets and prices of games in the United Kingdom. Click through to find out what I got and the ridiculously low price I got them at.

The shop had a basket full of preowned original Xbox, GameCube and Playstation 2 games for €1 a piece. It was pretty clear that they were simply trying to shift old stock, but they had set the sale up so that the money made from the games would go straight to the Dutch sector of the Red Cross charity. Rummaging through what was mostly copies of sports games and the many entries in the Splinter Cell series, I did manage to grab a few gems.

Ratchet: Gladiator ( a.k.a. Ratchet: Deadlock in the US) is a game I've seen pop up at flea markets time and time again, but usually at very high prices. I was always confused by the omission of 'Clank' in the title, as well as the box art which suggests a darker theme than previous games in the series. However at €1 I thought it the best time to grab the final Ratchet & Clank game developed by Insomniac Games for the Playstation 2. I haven't had the chance to play it yet, but with Ratchet & Clank 2 being one of my favourite PS2 games, and Spyro the Dragon being one of my favourite original Playstation games, I can't see how I wouldn't be able to enjoy myself.

I picked up Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil simply because I have the game already on Steam, but am unable to play it due to not having a computer with high enough specifications. A few years ago I bought the Xbox version of Doom 3 and enjoyed it quite a lot so thought it worth picking this one up too. It runs just fine on my Xbox 360, aside from issues skipping past the intro video, and I look forward to giving it a go in the near future.

The Mark of the Kri and Ty the Tasmanian Tiger I bought because I'm desperate for some solid 3D platforming action. I love my Xbox 360, but the lack of 3D platformers as well as games with bright, colourful graphics leaves me no choice but to turn to previous generations for my 3D platforming fix. The Mark of the Kri ended up on my shelf for no reason other than seeing the game listed on Racketboy's 'Best PS2 Games Under $10' article and Ty the Tasmanian Tiger just looked like fun.

Lastly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a purchase made by my girlfriend, who can be found over at EveningEmma. She used to play the game a lot when she was a teenager and had fond memories of it, so I persuaded her to give it another go. This game also works on the Xbox 360, and for the most part is a solid 3D brawler, aside from the occasionally unbalanced boss fights.

As times goes on I feel myself warming to the 6th generation more and more. For the longest of time it was just me and my trusty Nintendo GameCube and its only now that I'm getting into the Playstation 2 and discovering the hidden gems the original Xbox has to offer. Unfortunately it seems as though we're on the verge of games of the 6th generation falling off the radar completely, with many shops I go into reducing their pre-owned stock or getting rid of it completely like Game Mania is.

Do you have 6th generation games you think are over looked? Or perhaps your collection is missing some cheap and cheerful gems that you've not gotten around to hunting down yet? Do you also fear that the clock is ticking for gamers who want 6th generation games on the cheap? Leave me a comment below and let me know.


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