Friday, 4 January 2013

Geek Mag: Failure, Anticipation and Lots of Spice

Happy new year to all of you readers out there. We're roughly a week into 2013 now and I hope you all have big plans for the coming year. This week on Geek Magazine I've covered the disappointing sales of Sony's hand held console the PS Vita and the complete remaking of real time strategy classic Dune II in HTML5. In addition to this, I've also looked ahead to some of my most anticipated games of 2013.

On a side note, I offer my apologies for not updating my blog with completely original content lately. I have a whole bunch of half written blog posts I need to finish up, it's just a matter of finding the time between working as my new role as Staff Writer over at Geek Magazine and as the News Editor for Sega Addicts

Even so, I encourage you to click on through to read the full blog post and see what exactly I've been up to. Also, if you want to-the-minute updates of everything I'm writing then follow me on Twitter @MegaWestgarth now!

The Sony PS Vita is a truly wonderful hand held gaming console that combines its impressive graphical capabilities with an innovative mix of conventional and touch-based controls. Unfortunately Sony managed to fall into the same trap they did when launching and marketing the PSP, relying on the console itself to sell units instead of a strong line up of launch titles. But by how much did the PS Vita's sales suffer as a result? A lot. Find out just how badly it has done in 'Sony PS Vita is One of 2012′s Worst Product Flops'.

Many would regard Command & Conquer to be the definitive real time strategy series, but the older gamers among us may remember C&C developer Westwood originally creating the tried and tested RTS template with Dune II. Fans of this 20 year old classic will be happy to hear that a Russian developer by the name of  Aleksander Guryanov has remade the entire game in HTML5, which allows it to be run from within any modern browser. You can check out the game here, but be sure to get the low down on the history of Dune II in 'Control the Spice, Control the Universe: Dune II Playable Within Your Browser'.

Lastly, those who enjoyed the article I wrote just before new year's, which described a selection of games I thought made the largest impact on 2012, will also enjoy 'Geek Magazine's Most Anticipated Games of 2013'. It's always difficult to chose just ten games in any article like this one, but I had a very good go at it. If you think there's a game missing, or a particular title is undeserving to be on the list then let me know in the comments section.


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