Friday, 25 January 2013

PSA: MegaWestgarth is on Hiatus

Unfortunately I have to announce that for the time being my blog MegaWestgarth and my presence on the internet in general will be severely reduced for the next few months.

The reason for this is that my girlfriend and I, after enduring almost a year of shoddy internet providing by our equally shoddy ISP, have decided to end our contract early, plunging us into a dark void of internet-less-ness. This actually falls in line of our recently made plan to move back to the United Kingdom after feeling as though we have outgrown the rural Dutch town of Roermond we have been living in.

Of course, doing anything in the Netherlands, even dealing with our bank, requires us to have an internet connection. To address this we have purchased a pre-paid internet dongle which will allow us to do the basics, but doesn't leave much room for other internet based activities.

Once we move back to the UK we are guaranteed n internet connection and I will be back in full force to unleash videogame based writings unto the world. This should happen at the end of February, or the start of March at the very latest.

If anyone wished to contact me then I suggest doing so via email, details for which can be found on my 'Contact' page. I will check my emails at least once a day. Please be patient when waiting for a response.

Thank you very much for reading my work here on MegaWestgarth, Sega Addicts, Geek Magazine and everywhere else. Hopefully I'll be back very soon.


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