Saturday, 5 January 2013

Some Games That I Might Play Soon if I'm Still Poorly

I'm one of those lucky people that rarely gets ill. Perhaps its because I'm still at a young age and have a near impenetrable immune system, or perhaps its because of the ridiculous volume of orange juice I drink daily, I honestly have no idea. In fact, the last time I remember being ill was back in late 2009 when I became a victim of the swine flu pandemic. However it's likely that I only remember that because I was also burgled. Burgled while I was immobilised in my own home. Fun times.

Of course, that would have been the last instance of me being fully ill if not for me being ill today. I had plans to do lots of writing, including a post or two about what games I played over Christmas, as well as my thoughts on the announcement of  Doritos Crash Course DLC. Unfortunately my brain feels as though it has the consistency of cotton wool and I'm having genuine issues with thinking of words to put into sentences.

Now I'm stuck in my flat for the next four days before my girlfriend gets back. So instead of writing about fancy pants videogame journalism type stuff, click through to read about what games I might play if I'm still poorly, as well as descriptions of just how rough I feel and why. Fun times.

I'm pretty certain that the 'illness' I've developed is a psychosomatic reaction to a lack of sleep and a high level of stress. But what happened exactly? Well, this morning I had to wake up at 4AM to catch a plane back to the Netherlands following my visit back home to see my family in the United Kingdom for Christmas. A large proportion of my 'holiday' was spent talking with family members about the possibility of me and my girlfriend moving back to live in the United Kingdom, as it's a cheap and easier place for us to live. A large proportion of my sleep has been lost thinking about it.

The night before I left  I had been up until midnight as two of my younger brothers had bought Minecraft and were playing with each other over the internet for the first time. I thoroughly enjoy watching other people play Minecraft, especially those that know how it works and can fully realise the visions I have of mining castles into the sides of mountains  digging a huge gaping hole in the middle of the ocean and building a secret weapons room behind a set of conveniently placed bookshelves. Apparently this is only scratching the surface of what Minecraft has to offer, even so I'm still thoroughly impressed.

And so I arrived back at my flat in the tiny 'town' of Roermond, tired, hungry and bored from the journey. I made up some pasta and then fell asleep trying to eat it. After a few hours spent staring at the ceiling I decided to take a nap, which is the worst thing I can do personally. I don't nap well, never have done, and I always wake up feeling worse than when I went to bed. So 2-3 hours later I woke up feeling sick, lethargic and pissed off.

With four whole days left before my girlfriend comes home to motivate me with pats on the head and a steady supply of tea, I better start thinking about which games in my collection to play. Let's call the list 'Some Games That I Might Play Soon if I'm Still Poorly'.


I had bought a compilation back in the summer, around the same time as the Dutch Sjommelmert. It contained three Xbox Live Arcade games: 'Splosion Man, Trials HD, and Limbo. I try to get as many of these XBLA compilation discs as possible as they're cheaper than buying the games individually online, it reduces space taken up on the hard drive, and they're on a disc. I finally got around to playing Limbo in the day before I left for England. I instantly fell in love with its spooky atmosphere and the seamless transition between different section of the game. I'm very curious to find out where this game goes and aim to beat it very shortly.

Just Cause 2

This was the first game my youngest brother bought for his Xbox 360, and it was also the same game that one of my other brothers played compulsively one Christmas, so it already holds some sentimental value to me regardless of it being a current generation game. I've managed to have a lend of it and will probably have a crack at it tonight. From what I remember, the missions aren't anything to shout about, but the scenic vies and luscious environments make it the perfect game to bomb about in when I'm ill like I am now.


I've had this unique looking Nintendo Wii game for over two years and I've never played it. It's developed by Platinum Games and published by Sega, so it's really in my best interests to at least give it a try. This will undoubtedly be getting a twirl in the Wii very soon. However now that I think about it, motion controls would probably kill me. Worth the risk?


Yeah, I dunno. I might get it. At least that way I can sell all my other games, amass a small fortune and retire extremely early. Then I can play Minecraft forever as there's game more engrossing than Minecraft. Wait, what? 0x10c? Looks like I'll have to do this writing thing for a bit longer then.

Yep. So follow me on Twitter and stuff, if you like.


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