Saturday, 19 January 2013

Unwinnable: Pushing Away Acceptance

Old videogames can often be used to clarify equally old memories by putting them into context. For example, trying to remember a childhood friend alone is more difficult than remembering that time you and that same friend finally beat Golden Axe.

For me, playing my old videogames can actually invoke memories I had long forgotten about, like an old photograph or home video. Such an occurrence happened not too long ago where, while unpacking my old retro games after moving to my flat in the Netherlands, I suddenly remembered the origins of my family's first games console, the Sega Mega Drive, as well as realising how and why my parents stopped gaming.

I've written this story up in an article which was recently published on Unwinnable. It's not about games or consoles in particular, but the role they can play in our lives and and the memories they are tried to. Check it out through this link and let me know what you think via the article’s comments section or in this blog post's comments section below.


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