Saturday, 9 February 2013

MegaWestgarth Update

Hawk-eyed readers may have noticed that I've added an extra page to the blog titled 'Published Works'. This is simple a reformatted and up to date version of the 'Writing Samples' section of the 'About Me' page.

As the number of different sites I have written for has grown I've found it necessary to complete rework my list of published articles to make them more accessible to readers. The new formatting is based off that seen on Dennis Scimeca's blog Punching Snakes.

My 'About Me' page has also been reworked to make it more of a concise read and now has information about myself as well as my blog MegaWestgarth.

Both of these new pages can be found in the bar above, so if you'd like a brief run-down of everything I've been doing so far then be sure to check it out. Also be sure to keep yourself updated on all my blog posts by following me on Twitter @MegaWestgarth.


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