Friday, 22 March 2013

Alienware Arena: The Life and Times of Google Native Client

The following is an excerpt of a recent article of mine that has appeared on Alienware Arena titled 'The Life and Times of Google Native Client'. The article looks at Google's technically stupendous yet unsuccessful Native Client that allows console-quality games through the Chrome internet browser.

A technological marvel to say the least, Google's Native Client achieved the amazing feat of offering a full console or PC gaming experience directly through the Google Chrome web browser. It was also able to do this without the use of HTML, Flash, Java, Unity or any other type of plug-in. But for a platform released over a year ago and backed by potentially the most successful internet-based company in existence, it has had little to no interest from developers or gamers.

Why should Google even be concerned with providing a gaming platform through Chrome when its strengths obviously lie elsewhere? Of course, Google has numerous products which, when linked, provide a significant source of income. It is this network of products which act as the perfect backdrop for a gaming platform. Google+, Google Store and Google Wallet provide the means to generate interest and cash from a game, and Google’s continuously expanding cloud server technology offer the correct method of game distribution. All in all, Native Client's success would only mean more money for Google.

The article can be read in full through the following link: The Life and Times of Google Native Client.


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