Friday, 15 March 2013

Alienware Arena: Would It Blend? - Red Faction 3: Fallout

Ever wondered how well a setting for a game would work if merge with another gameplay type? The following is excerpt from a recent article of mine published on Alienware Arena where I explore the idea of a  what Fallout 3 would be like if it were placed in the Martian setting of Red faction: Guerrilla. The article, titled 'Would It Blend? - Red Faction 3: Fallout' can be read in full through this link.

Red Faction 3: Fallout is a hypothetical game set two-hundred years after Mars' first and only nuclear war, which occurred as a result of the unstable relations between the rapidly deteriorating Republic of the Commonwealth and the Earth Defence Force (EDF), some years after the events of Red Faction II. Many of the Martian miners, who lived deep underground at the time of the war, were fortunate enough to survive it, but with the EDF completely wiped out, communication with Earth also ceased. The miners continued to live on under and over-ground without Earth supplies, although the quality of life reduced rapidly. Tribes and cults quickly formed, and cannibalism and turf wars were commonplace. One group of miners comprised of the planet's best engineers and scientists sealed themselves off completely from their Martian brethren inside impenetrable, self-sustaining vaults.

Read 'Would It Blend? - Red Faction 3: Fallout' in full through this link.


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