Friday, 29 March 2013

Geek Mag Roundup: China's OS and Minecraft Books

This week has seen my home town of Ipswich, in the United Kingdom, pummelled by snow for almost a week solid. I'm not really a fan of snow after it seemingly knocked out my internet connection when I was living in the Netherlands, but even though I've spent most of the week inside, I've been wearing outside clothing to avoid the cold. Central heating's for babies. On with the roundup!

Tatooine-like planet in a binary star system discovered

Fans of Star Wars will undoubtedly be familiar with the fictional planet of Tatooine. Astronomers have taken the first direct photograph of a Tatooine-like planet that revolves around not one, but two stars. Scientists, however, are dubious as to whether the object is the largest known planet, or the smallest know brown dwarf.

Mass Effect: Paragon Lost Review

This animated tie-in to the Mass Effect series was released a few weeks ago in the United Kingdom. But is Mass Effect: Paragon Lost a legitimate entry into Mass Effect lore? Find out in my review.

China Plans to Release Its Own Operating System Named Kylin

In an attempt to wean computer users and business off Western IT products, the Chinese government have struck up a deal with the creators of Linux distribution Ubuntu to release China's first 'home-grown' operating system named Kylin.

Native Client – Google’s Unsung Gaming Platform

If my recent article on Alienware Arena detailing the trials and tribulations of Native Client, Google's Chrome based gaming platform, was a little on the long side then you're in luck as Geek Magazine have published this bite sized version .

Minecraft Handbooks to be Released by UK Publisher

It was only a matter of time before official Minecraft handbooks made their way to our bookshops. Even though these books, and the Minecrft magazine that will follow, are designed for children, I desperately want them next to my laptop at all times.

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