Saturday, 20 April 2013

Comic Review: Wolverine MAX #6

After proposing the idea to my editor over at Geek Insider, I'll now be delivering reviews of particular comic books on a weekly basis. It's extremely exciting as my strengths were always in writing about videogames, but after a successful review of the feature length animation Mass Effect: Paragon Lost I decided I was more than capable to comment on media outside of videogames.

My very first review is of Wolverine MAX #6, which is the start if a new chapter titled "The Protector". For whatever reason, I've not had much exposure to Marvel's MAX imprint, so this was a learning experience in terms of writing about comics and reading about them. But the big question is, what did I think of it?

Check out my review of Wolverine MAX #6 over on Geek Insider to find out!


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