Thursday, 25 April 2013

GamerTell: God Mode Review (XBLA)

Atlus' recently published co-op third person shooter God Mode boasts retro inspired gameplay, dynamic game modifiers and the quality of a AAA title for the low price of $9.99/ 800MSP. But is God Mode a divine gift from the heavens themselves or a simple attempt at grabbing our hard earned pennies?

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on God Mode for a review for GamerTell where I approached this very question and was happily surprised by my answer. Despite a few bewilderingly obvious faults, developer Old School Games made a title that's worth reading about. Check out my GamerTell review for God Mode through this link.

GamerTell: Mother 3 Translations and Minecraft Horses

In addition to the God Mode review, I've had a couple of news stories published on GamerTell. The first one involves an avid Mother 3 fan who, after the announcement of EarthBound for the Wii U Virtual Console, offered to give Nintendo a Japanese-to-English translation of the sequel for absolutely free. Check out the story through this link.

Of great personal interest to myself is Mojang's recent release of a Minecraft 1.6 preview build titled Snapshot 13w16a. Players have been able to explore early forms of the new update's content, which is being referred to by fans as the "Mob Update". Included are horses, horses armour, leashes, carpets, a brand new game launcher and much more.  My detailed look at Snapshot 13w16a can be read through this link.

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