Saturday, 13 April 2013

GamerTell: Regular Show Gets It's Own Game!


Don't worry, this blog post won't be littered with cheesy Regular Show references, but could you blame me if it was? The combination of Regular Show and Adventure Time has brought me crawling back to Cartoon Network as well as highlighting the fact that modern cartoons aren't all that bad. And now, just like Adventure Time before it, Regular Show will be getting its very own game.

I originally posted the news over on GamerTell where all the specifics can be found. But from a personal perspective Regular Show basically represents my childhood and is the first instance that I can think of where the 90's and 90's references are considered cool.

Many people consider Regular Show to focus of 80's references, but those people grew up in the 80's. While aspects of the 80's play a big part of Regular Show, references to things such as Power Rangers, bum-bags and Pok√©mon show the program and the creator J. Q. Quintel inextricable ties to the 90's.

I like the 90's, it was my childhood decade and a lot of cool stuff happened during that time, especially in videogame-wise. Regular Show will do quite nicely as a bona fide videogame. Quite nicely indeed.

Oh and Gearbox released a patch for Aliens: Colonial Marines which made the game more broken and so had to release a patch for the patch. Check out the story on GamerTell.


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