Sunday, 28 April 2013

Geek Insider: On the Rape of Ms. Marvel

The following blog post covers my recently written Geek Insider article titled "On the Rape of Ms. Marvel". Click the link to read it in full.

Regular MegaWestgarth readers will have noticed over the last few weeks that I've been expanding the range of topics I write about. While I still primarily focus on videogames and the entire industry behind them, I'm also looking at films, science and comic books.

It was quite a few weeks ago now that I suggested to my Geek Insider editor that I cover the infamous rape of Ms. Marvel in 1980's The Avengers #200. Since that time I've collected information, read the comic  in question online and delved into the who, what, where, when, and why of the whole affair. However I'd put off writing the actual article until just a few days ago.

My reflectance to start the article stemmed from a fear that I couldn't do the topic justice. As a white, heterosexual male it seemed almost perverse for me to openly write about the rape of a fictional female character, despite my views on the atrocity of real life rape being well known to family and friends.

But here I am, offering to you the opportunity to see what Ms. Marvel's rape looks like through my eyes. Of course I hope you read and enjoy "On the Rape of Ms. Marvel", but I also hope it spurs you on to have your own thoughts on the matter, as well as thoughts on the subject of rape portrayal in media today.

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