Sunday, 14 April 2013

Geek Insider Roundup: Controversial Conservative Mutants

This week has been one of many ups and downs with game announcements, game teases and big debates as to whether an "always online" console will spell the end of the videogame industry as we know it.

At least there's a new Mewtwo to keep us going on that cold, lonely nights.

On the Uncanny Avengers “M” Word Debate

What I thought to be a slight disturbance in the world of comic books turned into a full on debate amongst X-Men fans and Marvel comics writer Rick Remender. What's all the hullabaloo about? Well, in Uncanny Avengers #5, team leader and mutant Havok urges the world to stop using the word "mutant", instead referring to it as "the 'M' word". X-Men haven't taken too kindly to Havok's words. Find out why in this informative article.

Nasa Plans to Capture an Asteroid in a Big Bag

Even I thought this to be a joke when I was first informed by Geek Insider editor Sonia Ingriselli of Nasa's plans to send an unmanned spacecraft into deep space to retrieve an asteroid in a big bag and place it in Earth's orbit. Turn's out it was part of US president Obama's plan to get man on Mars all along.

The Wii U is Not a Failure

This article was written in response to an article by fellow Geek Insider writer Mohseen Lala which suggested that Nintendo's Wii U may have already failed. My article suggests otherwise. Check it out through the link above.


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