Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Geek Insider: The Silent Treatment

Even though I would consider myself more immune to advertising and PR spin than the average fellow, there's still times at which I catch myself falling prey to the sophisticated word smiths employed by the world's biggest companies.

But after reading John Walker's fantastic article "The Power Of Silence: Why The SimCity Story Went Away" and its response by Destructoid‘s Jim Sterling titled "SimCity, Colonial Marines, and The Silence", I found myself in a genuine state of shock as I realised that I had almost completely forgot about Aliens: Colonial Marines despite covering the whole fiasco at great length over at Sega Addicts and providing a lengthy recap for Geek Insider.

Although the topic had been thoroughly covered by the two aforementioned articles (which I highly recommend) I thought I would add my own two pence in Geek Insider's The Silent Treatment: Video Game Publishers’ Secret Weapon. Check it out!


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