Monday, 8 April 2013

Now Writing For GamerTell

A few days ago I was contacted by editors Jenni Lada and Jeremy Hill, the two editors for videogame news site GamerTell, asking if I would like to join their team and contribute to their site. I'm happy to announce that I've taken them up on their offer and will periodically post up videogame news, reviews, features, and any other type of article I can come up with.

In fact, my first GamerTell story has already been published and covers Markus “Notch” Persson, founding member of indie development team Mojang and creator of Minecraft, has halted all development on his newest creation, the mysterious space adventure 0x10c. Check out the story through this link.

Additionally, I now have an author page over at GamerTell which can be found through this link. Check back on it every few days to catch up on all the latest articles I've had published there.

Of course, this won't detract from my work as news editor over at Sega Addicts. I'll also be regularly contributing comic book, film and science related content for Geek Magazine. But all my best work will be showcased right here on my blog, MegaWestgarth. Thanks for reading!


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