Friday, 26 April 2013

Unwinnable: Croftian Measurements

The following blog post covers my recently published article for Unwinnable titled "Croftian Measurements". Check out the article via the link.

"Sex" is such a large and diverse subject, being asked to write a single article on it seems almost impossible.

That was the challenge set earlier this moth by Stu Horvath of pop culture website Unwinnable and their monthly themed week. This April was due to contain "sex week" and thus I scoured my brains for something interesting to say about sex. But what I came up with was quite unexpected indeed.

Those who read my last Unwinnable article "Pushing Away Acceptance" will know that videogames played a tremendous role in my upbringing and truly made me the person I am today. While reminiscing about these same childhood days I came to the startling realisation that videogames also put me in touch with my sexuality.

And so, I humbly invite you to retrace my memories of Lara Croft, her huge polygon breasts and the effects they had on me in "Croftian Measurements".


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