Wednesday, 15 May 2013

GamesBeat: Metal Gear Rising’s Prediction of Privatised American Police

The following is an excerpt from my recently published GamesBeat article "Metal Gear Rising’s prediction of a privatized American police force mirrors reality". My thanks to Rob Savillo for picking up and editing the story.

Rising only explicitly shows the Denver City Police Department as a privatized force owned and run by World Marshall Inc., America’s largest private military company and one half of the game’s antagonists; however, in protagonist Raiden’s codec conversations with Maverick military strategist Kevin, it’s revealed that an unspecified number of other cities also have privatized their police forces. While Kevin is quick to note that the majority of Denver’s police are unmodified humans, the city’s highly militarized SWAT unit is entirely comprised of cyborgs and weaponized robots. But will such heavily armed units really have a place in the future of America’s law enforcement?

Read the rest of the article in full over at GamesBeat. All of my previously published GamesBeat articles can be found through this link. Thanks for reading!


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