Monday, 13 May 2013

Geek Insider: Action Comics #20 Review

megawestgarth action comics #20 review

Superman is a character I've never found myself drawn to. Perhaps I thought he was too nice, too powerful or just too simple to ever be interesting. That all changed when I read All-Star Superman by Grant Morrison.

It's safe to say that All-Star Superman made me realise that my interest in any one super-hero character was not generated by the character itself, but instead by that character's depiction by the writer. It sounds like a simple concept  but please understand that I've only been reading comics and graphic novels for the last few years. I've learnt an awful lot since then.

Out of all of the series in DC's "New 52" reboot, Action Comics by Grant Morrison was the one I was most excited about. Yet here we are a year later with Andy Diggle's second stab at the Man of Steel in Action Comics #20.

How does it compare to Grant Morrison's work on the series? Does Diggle have what it takes to make his mark on comic history? How much of Action Comics #20's script did Diggle finish before abruptly leaving DC? I can't answer the last question, but there's plenty more answered in my review of Action Comics #20 over at Geek Insider.

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