Saturday, 25 May 2013

Geek Insider: The Many Faces Of The Incredible Hulk

Guilt Hulk Megawestgarth

While I didn't highlight it on my blog, my Geek Insider article "The Many Faces of Spider-Man" turned out to be somewhat of a hit. In response to the high number of views it gained and my continuing work as Geek Insider's "comic book guy" I've cooked up a similar article which focuses on Marvel's Hulk.

I was aware of some of Hulk's different incarnations and forms, such as Gray Hulk and The Professor, but was surprised when my research led to me to Guilt Hulk, Infernal Hulk and more. Fortunately there was such a wealth of Hulk forms in Marvel's The Incredible Hulk series that I didn't have to cover the rest of the "Hulk Family" and the absolutely ridiculous Red Hulk.

It was a learning experience for me and may just be a learning experience for yourselves. Have a read of "The Many Faces Of The Incredible Hulk" over at Geek Insider now!


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