Friday, 24 May 2013

Xbox One: No Halo 5, but lots of TV, TV, TV!

The Xbox One is on its way and gamers around the world wait with baited breath for their chance to watch television through a games console. It's all very exciting. Microsoft were so excited that they forgot that Halo is primarily a game series and threw millions of dollars at Steven Spielberg to get him to cook up a Halo television show. 

But no Halo 5. I suppose we won't need it what with all the TV, TV, TV.

That's right, I'm a closet Halo fan. I don't play online and I don't play alone. I exclusively play the single player with my younger brother when I get the chance. It's good offline co-op fun and I enjoy it.

I didn't enjoy Halo 4 though. The gameplay was solid enough, but its narrative was too big for it boots and made little to no sense. You wanna know why? Find out in "Halo 4 - What Went Wrong?".

You know which Halo game I really like? Halo: Reach. It's by far the cleverest of Bungie's five Halo games and has the best characterisation. It's also the first and only Halo title that's made me interested in Halo's expanded universe. Playing a Halo game without a strong appearance by Xbox mascot Master Chief was also extremely liberating. I really don't like that guy.

But it did make me wonder where the hell he was during the events if Halo: Reach. I came to my own conclusions and laid them out in "Halo: Reach – Master Chief’s Secret Origin". Check it out!


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