Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Xbox One: TV, Sports and Call of Duty

The name might have surprised some people, but the content of Microsoft's Xbox One event really seemed to miss the mark. Those invited and those watching the live stream did so expecting to see Microsoft's next-generation console, but instead heard bout the wonders of watching television, playing American sports games and assuming the role of a canine US Marine. Woof-yah!

I don't watch television, nor do I have an interest in sport (let alone American sports) and I most definitely do not have an interest in being a dog in Call of Duty: Ghosts. I'm sure the hype surrounding the Xbox One will increase during and after E3 2013, but for now Microsoft's promise of watching Britain's Got Talent on my Xbox has fallen on deaf ears.

Even so, I collected all of the most important information regarding the Xbox One for a report over at Geek Insider, if you're interested. Also, in an effort to boost the levels of Xbox related content on Geek Insider, I also put together two Halo related articles.

More about those soon!


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