Saturday, 8 June 2013

Geek Inisder: Rice Digital’s Geraint Evans

Rice Digital is a UK-based, online distributor of Japanese indie games a.k.a. doujin games. Rice Digital also happened to be at MCM London, which many of you will already be sick and tired of hearing about. Their display allowed visitors to play an array of creative doujin games including Satazius and Flying Red Barrel – Diary of a Little Aviator.

I liked what I saw so much that I did some additional research into Rice Digital once I returned home. One thing led to another and I ended up contacting Rice Digital's Geraint Evans in order to find out why he thinks doujin games are important and why they're still a niche section of the videogame market.

Check out what Mr. Evans and I think of Japanese doujin games in my Geek Insider article "Rice Digital’s Geraint Evans: Doujin, doujin, doujin!".

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