Sunday, 2 June 2013

MCM London: Deadpool Preview

Deadpool, Marvel's merc with a mouth, will be starring in his own video game come June 25th. But you already knew that.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on the very first public demo of Deadpool at MCM London Comic Con last week and, despite the rigid time limit imposed upon me by the Activision assistants, I managed to get a good feel for what the final product might be like. Check out what I thought of the Deadpool game in my Geek Insider article "Preview: Deadpool the Game".

By the way, due to this being my own blog and all, I feel it safe to call out Activision on their staff members. You see, they weren't Activision employees at all. 

Overhearing a conversation one of the male assistants was having with an attractive young lady, I discovered that they were in fact employees of UK game retailer Game. Their task wasn't to provide information on Deadpool to visitors, but to persuade as many of them as to pre-order the game as possible with the promise of a free T-shirt.

The video game industry in action, brought to you by Michael Westgarth.


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